Bank and Financial Institution Management in Australia

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Chapter Downloads

0- Preface 15- Bank Management and Funds Transfer Pricing
0-contentlist 16- Risk Management, Governance and Economic Capital
0-Glossary 17- Bank Capital Regulation - The Basel Accord
1 - Functions of the Financial System 18- Bank Capital Structure -Theory and Practice
2 - Types of Financial Institutions 19- Liquidity
3-  The Changing Financial System 20- Operational Risk
4- The Basics of Banking 21- Market Risk
5 - Bank Ownership, Organisation, and Governance 22- IRRBB
6- The Australian banking market 23- Financial Institution Failures
7 – The Hayne Royal Commission 24- Prudential Supervision
8- Credit Providers 25- Financial Consumer Protection
9- Some Common Loan Types 26-Deposit Insurance and Bank Resolution
10- Bank Lending and Credit Risk 27- The Post GFC Regulatory Agenda
11-Modern Financial Instruments -SPVs-securitisation
12- Modern Financial Instruments
13- Payments
14- Banks International Trade and Finance Services

Recent Updates

August 5, 2021: Chapter 7 (Hayne Royal Commission) added and incorporated in BankingBook-all chapters, pdf and in zip file

December 2, 2021 updates of (most) chapters added