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The Board's Lament


Mutually Assured Destruction

Demutualise, demutualise

It really is the best

A few bucks for the members

And we'll take all the rest.


Of course, we wouldn't say that

We're really not that crass

We'd say the world is changing

And must get off our ass


We've grown so big and lost our bond

The members, they won't care

This talk about our special role

They know is all hot air


We run the shop, we take our chop

We know just how it works

No governance by members

Let's maximise those perks


It is a tough decision

We could be forced to go

Stockholders may be critical

Of how we run the show


That risk we'll face, and tough it out

Because we're sure you know

We'll put in place large payouts

In case we're forced to go

Weighing up the choices

Principles or pay

Unfortunately, principles

Have long since had their day


The CEO is for it

We're sure it isn't greed

He's working for the members

Let us do the deed


But Hark, the ghosts of members past

Are crying in dismay

Their legacy of wealth and trust

Should not be spent this way


But they're not here to stop us

Our consciences aren't torn

The current members can be bought

The future ones aren't born


The time is nigh, let's do our duty

We've worked out all the sums

Demutualise and claim the booty

'Fore the Carpetbagger comes.


Kevin Davis

Melbourne University Credit Union

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